The DOSS interface is designed to provide enhanced customer service over the Web that allows our customers too track current shipments, get quotes and request your services 24 hours a day. If you need help with any part of this interface call Customer Service at (800) 654-7200 today.


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Full range of tracing options based on date, customer or any other type of information you may need. In the coming months we will be tying in our GPS information to your actual freight giving you real-time location of your orders via google maps.


Pickup Request

Traditionally to process a requested pickup you needed to have someone available to speak directly with the customer. With this Order Request Program it can be completed online 24 hours a day. You can enter requested pickup details like the delivery time needed, the exact type and quantity of freight, the temperature requirements of the freight and even requests for specific equipment. The information entered by you, is then available for DOSS to accept directly into our computer system and a notification can be sent to you right away.


Online Rating

Need a quick freight quote? This is tied directly to your rates that are already setup with DOSS. This online tool will even keep a history of the quotes requested.


Bill of Lading

DOSS Bill of Lading & Terms to ship material. The BOL is in PDF Format.

Download the Bill of Lading & Terms: DOSS-BOL

Download the newest version of Adobe Acrobat


Rules Tariff

The Rules Tariff governs company Bill of Lading, Rates, Related Charges and Responsibilites. View current Tariff: DOSS_100_0222022


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